We are a relational network of churches working together to transform lives and communities through disciple making and church planting.

Is Greenhouse for me?I’m ready!

What We Do

We want to help like-minded churches grow and plant churches in a healthy environment. We recognize that the local church is responsible for their own multiplication vision, but there are many advantages that come when a group of churches “network” together and develop a collective planting strategy. By offering shared assessment, training, coaching, and funding, we can make a larger footprint and help local churches develop their unique multiplication vision.

Our Strategy

Relational Infusion:

 We gather monthly and retreat annually for support, connection, story swapping, and vision development.

Jesus Infusion: 

We want the presence of Jesus to be the center of our churches and movement.

Vision Infusion:

We collectively labor toward and desire to see 25 new churches planted by 2025.

Resource Infusion: 

We help equip each other with the best resources, church health strategies, and wisdom from real life experience. 

Training Infusion: 

We facilitate church planting learning experiences, assessment processes, and offer coaching to church planters.

Financial Infusion: 

We sacrificially give 10% of our local offerings to the Greenhouse network and multiplication strategy so that new churches are funded at a significant level. 

Get Connected

Do you bleed for multiplication? Greenhouse might be for you if you have a multiplication mindset and are in one of the following situations:

  1. You are exploring whether or not church planting is for you, and want to explore an internship with a church plant. (3 – 9 months)
  2. You are fairly sure church planting is for you but you’d like to learn more and experience a church planting residency. (9 months – 2 years)
  3. You are a planter who is on the runway to plant or have already planted, and are looking to network with others who have a multiplication mindset.
  4. You are a pastor of a church that is looking to band together with others so you can become, or be more efficient at being a multiplying church.

If this sounds like you, contact us!